SKYMARK Aero-Technologies Inc. is an engineering company established in 2016 to develop dedicated technologies and provide services for the sector with 20 years of experience in aerospace industry. SKYMARK has combined its experienced team with young talents on the road to its strategical goals.

SKYMARK has already fulfilled the requirements of business driving certifications in a short period of time and has demonstrated that it will be one of the brightest companies in the future with its superior performance in its services.

SKYMARK, is able to produce complex shaped parts up to 4 meters in 5-axis, with high performance and quality. In addition, it increases the added value of its business by providing engineering services to its customers.

The company is certified to AS9100 Quality Management. SKYMARK is also working with main contractors on several aerospace industry projects mostly in engineering and manufacturing fields.

Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier as well as many international civil aviation programs and all domestic aviation programs are also supported.

The strength is the ability to grow fast and flawless with its innovative employee profile and the effective quality management system. It is crucial that the management system has to prove itself in terms of sustainability, repeatability and traceability to stay at the international level. SKYMARK is a well prepared export company with all its services.

SKYMARK is aiming to become one of the leading technology companies in Turkey. The company has a robust capital structure and is investing in the rapid growth model.