In order for SKYMARK to reach its goals, principles that should be taken in the attitudes and behaviors of all employees are defined as ‘SKYMARK ETHICAL PRINCIPLES’ given below.

    • Employees know that the legislation related to their positions and SKYMARK regulation. They act in accordance with business contracts.
    • Employees act within the scope of company policies and rules in all activities in public institutions. They do not harm any real/ legal person or public institution.
    • Employees work results-oriented in accordance with company's quality policy and objectives and consider time and cost efficiency. They protect the company’s corporate identity and reputation with their attitudes and behaviors.
    • SKYMARK provides equal rights for employees regardless of race, gender, age, disability and any legally protected status in recruitment processes.
    • Company resources such as tools, computers and e-mails are not used for political purposes. Employees do not support political candidates.
    • SKYMARK evaluates and selects the organizations, suppliers and partners to collaborate, in accordance with the principles of transparency, equality and the company's objectives.
    • Employees do not engage in an activity that would create a conflict of interest with SKYMARK and do not use company assets for their personal benefits or other people’s benefits.
    • Employees protect the confidentiality of information which is given in the duties and entrusted to them by the company. This information cannot be used for its own or others’ personal benefits.
    • Employees respect all intellectual and industrial property rights on their activities.
    • Employees cannot accept any gifts, discounts and advantages from customer, supplier and other third person, even if these are for charity which can effect company’s choice or decisions.
    • SKYMARK provides occupational health and safety in the working environment. Employees act according to the rules and instructions which are prepared for the purpose.
    • Employees are supported to be volunteers in appropriate social activities with social responsibility awareness by SKYMARK.
    • SKYMARK employees cannot share information which is related with their business or internal processes on any social media platform.
    • Employees cannot broadcast messages which are discriminating, lying or threatening through social media.
    • Employees aim to protect natural resources and use them in the most efficient way, to reduce waste as much as possible and to recover it.