Found with the goal of becoming a dependable business partner to all of the manufacturers in the international Aerospace Sector, SKYMARK aims to be a brand known for its high quality manufacturing, experienced team and the machine park equipped with revolutionary technology.

MaufacturerModelTypeCapabilityRPM/Prec.Year Manufactured
DMGMORICTX beta 1250 TCTurn + 5X MillDia 410x11455.000/12.0002017
DMGMORIDMU 50 3rd5X650x420x57515.0002017
DMGMORIDMF 360L5X3600x1100x90018.0002016
DMGMORIDMU 95 mB5X950x850x65020.0002016
DMGMORIecoMill 705X750x600x52012.0002016
DMGMORIecoMilll 505X500x450x40012.0002016
DMGMORIecoMill 800 V3X800x560x51012.0002016
HEXAGONGLOBAL ADV 12.30.10CMM3000x1500x12002,3 µm2016
HEXAGONGLOBAL EVO 09.15.08CMM1500x900x8001,3 µm2017